Designed for Business Solutions

Sheerpower is not for everyone.

Mainstream programming languages such as C and C++ were designed primarily to develop compilers, device drivers, and operating systems. In contrast, Sheerpower was designed to rapidly develop highly scalable business solutions.

In addition, because of its simple design and rich set of high-level features, Sheerpower works well for developing applications that require extensive data manipulation.

Where languages such as C and C++ were designed to develop compilers, device drivers, operating systems, etc. Sheerpower was specifically designed to develop business applications.

Sheerpower is for those who must design, build, and maintain mission critical business applications. Sheerpower language elements are, for the most part, very high-level. You do not need to worry about things like buffer overflows, memory allocations/deallocations, memory leaks, memory garbage collection and other esoteric internal considerations. Instead, Sheerpower is highly optimized at run-time, allowing programmers to focus on solving the business problems at hand and not having to worry about the details of how the code works internally.

To achieve this goal, Sheerpower has the following characteristics:
  • It is a language that can be gradually learned, is easy to program and easy to maintain
  • It makes developers fast and development fun
  • Greatly reduces the total cost of project completion through rapid development and debugging
  • Its code reads like a crafted story using common English names wherever possible
  • Built-in database operations and a built-in high-speed database engine is included
  • Eliminates penny rounding errors using built-in "Perfect Precision" patented methods
  • Memory safe. No garbage collection. Automated runtime optimized memory handling
  • Operates on CSV and other delimited files as database tables (clusters)
  • Clusters can be searched and updated millions of times per second
  • Compiling code at rates of more than 250,000 source lines per second
  • All code is designed to work with future releases without any need for change
  • Optimized runtime engine designed for millions of complex operations per second
  • Language constructs designed to help programmers focus on business rules
  • Highly optimized fully integrated memory management system -- no garbage collecting needed
  • Bundled with robust program debugging features and integrated IDE
  • Also interfaces to standard IDE's such as Visual Studio Code
  • Royalty free licensing for both individual and commercial use
  • Database operations are immune to "SQL injection" and other common hacks
  • Comes with an integrated webserver for the rapid development of SaaS solutions
  • Built-in webserver handles thousands of transactions per second
  • Built-in database engine reads records at over 100,000 per second with full record-level locking
  • Very small footprint. Its installer is under 30 MB and it fully installs in under two minutes.
  • Natural one-origin for arrays and positional results (an array of 3 values is indexed by 1,2,3)
  • Provides both statically and dynamically typed variables
  • Provides consistent performance -- no memory garbage collection disruptions -- no "stop the world" events

With Sheerpower you can easily develop fancy GUI and Internet-based applications without needing a lengthy training course or having to constantly reference an arcane manual.

Touch Technologies, Inc. is the owner and developer of Sheerpower. We have been in business since 1982, so you are assured of ongoing product development and technical support when you need it.

Download and Use Sheerpower for Free

  • Sheerpower is 100% free for all uses. This includes use by individuals, non-profits, and commercial organizations.
  • Sheerpower is free to download, free to distribute and royalty-free, even for commercial applications.
  • Sheerpower runs on Windows Windows 10, 11, and Windows Server 2016 and above.
As of July 14, 2024: v10 build 150

Save the installer file to your computer and double-click on it to install Sheerpower. The default installation directory is c:\sheerpower.

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