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Who Benefits from using SheerPower 4GL?

Novices and Students SheerPower 4GL is one of the easiest programming languages to learn. Its online manual has scores of sample programs to run and learn from. Just copy program text from the manual, paste into SheerPower's Rapid Development Environment, and click on "run".

Hobbyists Quickly write programs to access the web, send emails, and process data files -- all in the blink of an eye.

Professionals With SheerPower 4GL you can quickly develop professional quality programs that are reliable, maintainable, sexy, and fully-debugged. And you can do this in a fraction of the time that C++ or VB take.

SheerPower 4GL is great for quick, easy development of file filters, databases handlers, and other utilities.

You can easily develop fancy GUI and Internet-based applications without needing a lengthly training course or having to constantly reference an arcane manual.

You can distribute your SheerPower programs royalty-free.

SheerPower 4GL Licenses, training classes, and 7/24 telephone support are also available for a fee.

Touch Technologies, Inc. (owners of SheerPower 4GL) has been in business since 1982, so you'll be assured of on-going product development and technical support when you need it.

Questions, comments and suggestions are welcome!

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Parts of the SheerPower technology are U.S. patented under patent#s 6822586, 7149765, and 8164492