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Expression Evaluator Program

SheerPower 4GL has powerful expression evaluation features. Try writing this program in your current programming language!

// Evaluate an expression 
// Type in the expression and press [enter] 
// The expression can by very complex.  For example: 
//       ((34-324)/14)*10.1234 
  declare dynamic answer 
  formtop$= '<sheerpower persist>' + 
                  '<title>Expression Evaluator</title>' + 
                  '<form><h2>Enter an expression</h2>' + 
                  'For example--> ((344574647-324978)/154574)*13350.1234' + 
                  '<input name=expr submit>' + 
  formend$ = '<p><input type=submit name=submit value="Submit">' + 
    '<input type=submit name=exit value="Exit"></form>'   
  form$ = formtop$ + formend$ 
    input dialogbox form$: response$ 
    if _exit then exit do

    z0$ = element$(response$, 1, chr$(26))  // get the first field
    expr$ = element$(z0$, 2, '=') // get the data for the first field
    if expr$ = '' then repeat do
    when exception in
      answer = eval(expr$) 
      answer = extext$ 
    end when
    if dtype(answer) <> 1 then answer = str$(answer) 
    form$ = formtop$ + 
                  '<h2><font color=green>' + expr$ + '</font></h2>' + 
                  '<h3>' + answer + '</h3>' + 

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