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Writing and Running the Sample Programs

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How to run the SheerPower 4GL Sample Programs

It is easy to run SheerPower 4GL programs. Just follow the steps outlines below.

  1. Open SheerPower Rapid Development Environment (SPDEV) by double clicking on the SheerPower shortcut icon located on your desktop---a circle with a lightning bolt through it.

  2. Create a new SheerPower program file by clicking on the New icon in the toolbar---a white paper with one corner folded. Name the program file and save it.

  3. Copy and Paste or type the SheerPower program code from a sample program into the new program file.

  4. Run each program example by clicking on the Run icon in the SPDEV toolbar---the running man.

For more instruction on how to use SheerPower 4GL, please refer to the SheerPower 4GL Online Documentation.

Questions, comments and suggestions are welcome!

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