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Sample Quiz Program

This is a very short quiz program. The program shows how your SheerPower 4GL program can include a "web-feel" using the powerful INPUT DIALOGBOX feature. INPUT DIALOGBOX is no longer supported. Instead use SheerPower Web Scripting.

// A simple quiz program 

  woodpecker$ = 'sheerpower:samples\woodpecker.jpg' 

  quiz_form$ = '<sheerpower persist><title>Quiz</title><form>' + 
               '<center><h3>Skill Testing Question</center></h3>' + 
               '<img src="' + woodpecker$ + '" border=3 align=middle>' 
  quiz_form$ = quiz_form$ + '<font color=green> ' + 
               '<b>What type of woodpecker' + 
               ' is in this photograph?</b></font><p>' 
  quiz_form$ = quiz_form$ + '<input type=radio name=birdname ' + 
               'value="Pileated Woodpecker"> ' + 
               '<i>Pileated Woodpecker<p>'  
  quiz_form$ = quiz_form$ + '<input type=radio name=birdname ' + 
               'value="Hairy Woodpecker"> Hairy Woodpecker<p>' 
  quiz_form$ = quiz_form$ + '<input type=radio name=birdname ' + 
               'value="Redheaded Woodpecker"> ' + 
               'Redheaded Woodpecker</i></b>'  
  quiz_form$ = quiz_form$ + '<p><input type=submit name=submit value="Submit">' + 
                            '<input type=submit name=exit>' + 
  correct$ = 'Hairy Woodpecker' 
  good$ = '<sheerpower width=500 height=300 color=green>' + 
          '<form><h1>Congratulations!!  ' + 
          correct$ + ' is the correct answer!!</h1>' + 
          '<p><center><input type=submit></center></form>'    

    line input dialogbox quiz_form$: ans$ 
    if _exit then stop
    z0$ = element$(ans$, 1, chr$(26)) // get the first response
    value$ = element$(z0$, 2, '=')    // get the the value  (name=value)
    if value$ = correct$  then exit do
    message error: "Sorry, this is not a ";value$ 
  line input dialogbox good$: ans$ 

Questions, comments and suggestions are welcome!

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