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Q. Who needs to buy a SheerPower License?
A. Anyone using SheerPower 4GL for business or commercial use needs to purchase a SheerPower 4GL License. However, the end-user who runs the software developed commercially does not have to own a SheerPower 4GL License. The end-user only needs to have the SheerPower Virtual Machine installed, which is always free.

Hobbyists and Non-Profit Organizations can use SheerPower 4GL for FREE.

Q. What is the free license key information for hobbyists and non-profit organizations?
A. Every new download of SheerPower contains this free license information in it:

          Key:    F0CE-2E43-7583-3130-3030-3030-3131-0003-873F-000A
          Name:   non-commercial
          Email:  non-commercial

Q. Can I distribute SheerPower programs without a license?
A. If you are a hobbyist or non-profit organization, and are not charging any monies for your software, you can distribute SheerPower programs that you made without a license.

However, if you are distributing software for business purposes, you need to have a SheerPower License. License and Support Options

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