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Q.How do I uninstall SheerPower 4GL?
A. To uninstall SheerPower 4GL:
  • Click on the Windows "Start Menu".
  • Select "Control Panel".
  • Double-click on "Add or Remove Programs" ("Programs and Features" in Vista).
  • Select "SheerPower 4GL" from the program list.
  • Click on "Change or Remove" ("Uninstall" in Vista)
This will only uninstall the SheerPower 4GL files that the original installation placed on your hard drive. Any files and programs that you have created will remain intact inside the SheerPower folder.

You can also uninstall SheerPower by double-clicking on the Uninstall program file inside the SheerPower folder on your hard drive.

Q. Does the SheerPower 4GL Uninstall feature perform repairs?
A. The best way to repair SheerPower 4GL is to re-download and install the latest version available. Re-installing will not delete or destroy any files or programs that you have created and saved in your SheerPower folders.

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