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Advanced Features Made Easy!

SheerPower 4GL supports numerous advanced programming features designed for aiding in programming complex applications -- fast. Check our documentation for full details on the features listed below, and much more.

  • Write powerful high-speed dynamic and interactive web applications with the web scripting capabilities

  • Read and write to the Windows registry
            // Fetch the Product ID from the registry     
          rkey$ = '\hkey_local_machine\Software\Microsoft\Windows' + 
          ask system, symbol rkey$: value kvalue$ 
          print 'Product ID: '; kvalue$ 

  • Access to HTTP servers as if you are on a local system:
          open #1: name ''
  • Utilize html forms -- including anchors, tables, and JPG file images:
          input dialogbox "<form>Enter city <input name=city length=2></form>": ans$
  • SheerPower Internet Services (SPINS) Webserver comes bundled with SheerPower 4GL. The SPINS webserver allows anyone to make web-based applications, even on their own local computers not connected to the Internet, without having to purchase a webserver license. And it's easy!

  • Send emails from your applications through your SMTP server using SheerPower's email facility.

    In addition, you will experience super-fast compile speeds: in excess of 10 million lines of code per minute. You will find SheerPower 4GL an exciting and powerful programming tool!

Questions, comments and suggestions are welcome!

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