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Powerful and Easy to Use 4GL and Rapid Development Environment

SheerPower 4GL includes a Rapid Development Environment (SPDEV) and a fourth-generation Database Language (SP4GL) .

The SheerPower 4GL interactive environment:

  • allows immediate response and fast development
  • allows you to interrupt program execution, change code and then continue execution
  • has high-level debugging facilities for pinpointing program bugs quickly and accurately
  • returns errors immediately--for rapid development--while code is optimized by the compiler
The SheerPower language:
  • is easy to learn and easy to use--even for programming novices
  • promotes structured programming
  • includes simple statements for complex data manipulation
  • also includes advanced extensions allowing technical programmers to develop large, professional, applications with ease
  • compiles into highly efficient, cross-platform portable, "p-code" -- similar to that produced by the popular JAVA language

The SheerPower 4GL environment and language is designed for developing simple to complex applications rapidly. Development cycle time is the time it takes to edit, compile, link, run and debug code. SheerPower 4GL reduces this time by providing an interactive and fast response environment. SheerPower 4GL offers features that cut cycle time significantly--speeding up application development by as much as 500%!!

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Parts of the SheerPower technology are U.S. patented under patent#s 6822586, 7149765, and 8164492