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Why We Developed SheerPower 4GL

With all the popular computer languages already available (VB, C++, JAVA, ...), why did we spend years developing SheerPower 4GL? The answer is simple, the need for:

  • High-speed development!
  • Ease of maintenance!

These are the keys to software development success. We know this to be true after being in the software R&D business for over 20 years.

Did you know that over 80% of all programming costs are spent on software maintenance?

With other computer languages you end up having to make arcane library calls or access doubly-arcane Operating System Facilities to get your work done. Or, you have to spend hours trying to "convince" your programming language to do what you wish.

With SheerPower 4GL you spend a small fraction of your time in maintenance and debugging -- freeing up your creative resources for what you enjoy doing the best -- creating new applications.

SheerPower 4GL automatically takes care of:

  • tedious programming tasks such as complex menus, dialog boxes and database access
  • memory allocation and deallocation
  • reporting typical programming errors
  • math rounding (precision) problems
  • getting data from the Internet
  • much, much, much more...

And, SheerPower 4GL includes an Integrated Development Environment for truely fast application development. Write some code, run it, debug it, correct the errors, and run it again -- all in just a few seconds!

Download SheerPower 4GL today. You will be impressed!!

Questions, comments and suggestions are welcome!

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Parts of the SheerPower technology are U.S. patented under patent#s 6822586, 7149765, and 8164492